Doug Jones Wins in Alabama

Just a little note about this. I contributed to Doug Jones’ campaign. It is hard to imagine a Democrat winning in Alabama, but there it is. His opponent, the odious Roy Moore, who, although conservative, refused to go along with the plain intent of the US Constitution when he insisted on keeping a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments on government property, was defeated in a special election to replace Jeff Sessions, whom Trump placed in the Attorney General’s seat in Washington. Moore ran a poor campaign, and had but lukewarm and late support from Trump and the Republican National Committee. He was also handicapped by credible accusations of improper personal conduct in dating underage girls when he was in his 30s. So perhaps one should not read too much into this Democratic victory.

Still, one can hope that Doug Jones will prove by his service to the citizens of his state that he deserves to keep his seat. And one can hope further that other Republican seats in the Senate will fall away, abolishing the majority led by Mitch McConnell.

Far from representing the working class in this country, the Republican Party is the suppliant of the corporate elite. Their alleged tax reform bill is a giveaway to corporate interests at the expense of those with modest incomes. Trump has squandered months of opportunity for real leadership by scraping and bowing before the alt-right, racist and misogynist minority that voted for him. The recent series of scandals, resignations, and firings for sexual misconduct among the elite of the entertainment industry, government, and the press have raised the question: shouldn’t Trump quit too? He all but admitted the accuracy of the Billy Bush tape, where he bragged about sexually abusing women in the entertainment business. This has been grounds for firing others, why not him? This is a sufficient reason, but by far not the only one. The Mueller investigation is closing in on the President’s inner circle. The rot at the core of the apple seems about to be exposed.

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