Cesky Krumlov

Zlaty Andel Hotel, from hotel website

The countryside from Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov offers splendid scenery. We stayed at the Zlaty Andel Hotel on the main “Square of Concord” in the city center. Inhabited at least since the bronze age, in medieval times Cesky Krumlov was the chosen home for a series of noble families who dominated the country for centuries: the Vitkovec, Rozmberk, Habsburg, Eggenburg, and Schwarzenburg. Since 1947 the castle has been owned by the state, and is now an official UNESCO world cultural and heritage site.

Castle Website

The castle is comprised of forty buildings, gradually built up since at least the 14th century. Within the castle we saw the well-preserved Eggenberg baroque theater, with a deep stage that allowed many different backgrounds of scenery to be deployed, and the complete accessories of orchestra pit, machinery, curtains, and even costumes.

Castle Web Site

The city is known for its many examples of trompe l’oeil. This one is in a courtyard of the castle:

Cesky Krumlov Renaissance Fresco1

As in Prague, we found the local citizens very eager to engage with us. Our tour company arranged dinners and guided tours with a final banquet at the Dungeon, an interesting “Satlava” restaurant complete with live traditional folk music. We were served soup in a bread bowl, and there was plenty of good beer, a commodity that at that time in the country was cheaper than bottled water.

Dungeon Restaurant – from http://www.satlava.cz

The tour introduced us to Prague and Salzburg, cities we had never seen before, as well as some of the surrounding attractions of each. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I welcome any comments or additions!

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