We left St Malo and headed south, stopping at Briantais to view the Rance Tidal Power Station. Built in 1966, it provides on average 57 MW of electricity, by trapping and then releasing the tidal water.

Maré - MotriceWe continued to Dinan. This city rests on a hillside overlooking the river Rance. We went to a rampart for the view. There is a very tall elevated highway that crosses the river and the Port of Dinan.

The D795 crossing the Rance and the Port of Dinan, connecting Lanvally to Dinan
View of the Port de Dinan from the rampart

Our vantage point was close to the Basilique Saint Sauveur, thought to have been founded in 1112. It was remodeled in the Gothic style during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Picture from Wikipedia Commons

We explored the interior of the church and, as was the custom, choir members  sang a couple of pieces. Outside we were approached by French people who were trying to  raise money for some political or religious cause. They quickly realized that we were not likely to contribute.


In the market square we saw this equestrian statue of a regional hero, Bertrand du Guesclin, who served the French crown with distinction during the 14th century.

Dinan is an interesting place, both for its contemporary and historical significance.

We were soon on the road again, heading for Mont St Michel.


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