Chenonceau, Tours, Angers

In June of 2004 we went on a singing tour to France. Concerts were to take place in Tours, Mont St Michel, The American Military Cemetery at Colleville, Rouen, and Paris. Along the way we stopped in Chenonceau, Angers, St Malo, Dinan, and Caen.

Our tour guide picked us up at Charles De Gaulle airport and we left immediately by bus for Tours. However, our trip was delayed by a truck fire. It took hours before we could move on.

Waiting for rescue squads

Just outside Tours we stopped at Chenonceau, one of the most famous of the royal Chateaux, given to Diane de Poitiers by Henry II in 1547. We took many photographs, but the most unique, perhaps, was this picture of students with their teacher.


Most of the students were paying attention! This is a very common scene at museums during the school year, all across Europe.

The first concert took place at the Eglise Notre Dame La Riche in Tours. The choir sang from the altar area.

Notre Dame La Riche – photo from patrimoine histoire


There was a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception given by the parishioners after the concert. Unfortunately we had to leave early because our bus driver was required to finish work by a certain time, and our hotel was in the suburbs at Chambray-Les-Tours.

The next day we stopped at Angers, and saw the famous Chateau there, with its decorative gardens. We had lunch with friends on the terrace at a nearby restaurant, most likely the Villa Toussaint, but there was not time to visit the chateau museum, which is famous for its tapestry collection.

Angers - Jardin in the old moat

Our next stop would be St Malo.

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