Pizza at Le Vieux Vaison, and Cathedral Notre Dame de Nazareth

We went out to check email messages at an internet café, or to see the sights, and rather than go home for lunch would often stop at a pizzeria, café, bistro, or restaurant. Lunch at the Pizzeria in the medieval city of Vaison

At this one, we saw a number of bicyclists. We have rented bicycles for casual tours in France – but not like these folks, who were well equipped.

Lunch at the Pizzeria in the medieval city of Vaison

This scene was at the Vieux Vaison Pizzeria, long established and well liked by the general public, at 7 Place Poids. If we had eaten inside, we might have seen a good view out the window overlooking the river. As it was, we got a good look at the cyclists.

Nearby was the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth.

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth, Image from Wikipedia

The cathedral, while not as old as the Roman ruins, is very much an intact concern, with  a verdant cloister.

Cloister, Cathedral at Vaison
Cloister at Notre Dame de Nazareth

One afternoon, at the internet café, I got a message from our apartment agency in Paris. Due to an error in the office, they had signed someone else up for the apartment we wanted, and would like to offer us either of two alternate apartments at no extra charge. This led to our choosing what was to become our regular pied-à-terre in Paris, in the 7th arrondissement. Those of you who have been following these posts will recognize that this was the second time in a week that we had problems with reservations. It is always a good idea to verify these before leaving town!

Our last morning, we were short of provisions and I drove up the hill to the village square in Seguret to get some takeout coffee. The bar/café did not have a routine for this, but a makeshift arrangement led to success:

Petit dejeuner - coffee to go French style
Last breakfast chez Grosmougin

Soon, Monsieur Grosmougin led us out to the highway in his gray van, to put us “sur la bonne route” to Avignon, where we planned to take our respective trains. We thought – what a nice guy! We made our final farewells by the roadside and headed on to the TGV station in Avignon. Carol was going to another town. Our next stop was Paris.

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