Our bus tour passed via the Camargue along the Mediterranean coast and stopped at Nice. We took in some of the sights.

Stairway to the old chateau

Due to the short time we spent here we did not climb these steps to see the remnants of the old chateau overlooking the city. The hillside marked a definite boundary at least for me. Most of us, especially the students, sought out the beach.

Taking up the sun

The beach lies just beneath the approach to a runway at the airport, and jets kept flying low overhead. Our time here was short, just enough to do some shopping or grab a snack or drink. Several of us did a bit of both, finding a handy shoreline bar.

Tasting aperitifs
Les Trois Etoiles de Vieux Nice, Crème de Figue, 26 rue Pairolière 06300 Nice

We saw many high-end boutiques and shops, this one featuring its own brand of fig liqueur. The shop is near the cathedral in the old city..

Nice, old town
In the Cours Saleya, a shopping main drag. The yellow building is tentatively identified as Caïs de Pierlas, where Matissse lived on the fourth floor for several years


Monument along the corniche at Nice

Along the road we saw the World War I Monument Aux Morts.

Toward the port at Nice

Past the monument, on the other side of the hill we came to the harbor, hosting these yachts.

We did not have enough time to appreciate this famous city.

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