Interlude in Collioure

Our singing tour (see Singing in Spain) left Sitges and Barcelona and crossed into France, stopping at Collioure, which our tour guide called “a quaint French fishing village…dominated by the Royal Castle, the former summer residence of the Kings of Aragon and favorite haunt of Fauvist artists Matisse and Derain.”

Collioure on a sunny day by Snappy David (

It was picturesque, but foggy conditions prevailed. Hence the pictures in this post are all taken from the internet.

The Royal Castle is across the bay from the old village docks:

Chateau and church tower, by Nicolas Adam (
Côte Vermeille
Street scene by (

Walking through the streets of the town gave many impressions like this one. We had a brief open-air rehearsal and headed for our next stop, Arles.

Collioure is a beautiful place to visit.

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