Musée Grévin et La Tour Eiffel

We have friends who live in Louviers, not far from Rouen, whom we have known for almost twenty years and whom we visit every time we come to Paris. On our last Sunday, they and their children came to see us. Their teenage girl wore a stars-and-stripes theme blouse in honor of our visit,

We all headed by car toward the Musée Grévin , the famous wax museum in Montmarte. However, there was an obstacle in the Place de la Concorde, in the form of a foot race. Police cars were everywhere, and barriers were up to protect the runners. We turned aside, but the GPS kept advising to return to the original route. Clearly, GPS had not been informed of this obstacle. Sharon started looking on her Iphone to see if there was some kind of information about the race, so we could suggest a good detour. She found none. It took a number of tries to find a way around the race course. Meanwhile, the children and I refrained from comment and got a look at the sights on the right bank. At one point we were on the Rue des Mathurins and passed by a restaurant called the Greffulhe. I took note of this for a future investigation. Our patient driver soon got around the race course. The GPS was closing in on the destination. Finally we parked near a metro stop not far from the museum. The first part of the tour was a psychedelic mirror show with flashing lights and multiple reflections. We then entered a small theater and began to meet some of the life-like wax models.

Here I am with Cecilia Bartoli

Moving on through a series of rooms we met many celebrities.

Sharon with Orson Welles
Sharon with George Clooney


We then had a very nice lunch at the Marivaux near the Richelieu-Drouot metro stop: a round of champagne, main dishes, and dessert. There was a long delay for the children’s dishes, but these children are very well brought up and rarely complain. Instead, they were cheerful, paid attention and joined in whenever asked questions. They are really great kids. We for the first time asked and got a bit of information about chocolate manufacturing, which was very interesting. After lunch we proceeded by car back to the 7th – the foot race was apparently over – and walked around the Champs de Mars, chatting of our adventures, and school events, such as upcoming exams. Suddenly we heard a noise, that sounded like a jet plane. Everyone looked up and saw a person flying through the air. A zipliner, what the French call tyroliens. We saw a number of spectacular zipline runs. It is hard to film with an Iphone, because of the bright light. However, with practice, I caught the complete trajectory of one of them, which I linked here. They take off somewhere near the second floor of the tower, and go almost the length of the Champs de Mars to a cushioned but nonetheless sudden landing on a raised platform.

Too soon, our friends had to go home – school vacations were still a month away. We all went back to the apartment for a few minutes, and then they headed back to Louviers.

We had a great day together, as always.


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