St. Sulpice and the Bistro Maell et Augustin

We walked all the way to St. Sulpice Sunday morning. The church is in fine shape. The scaffolding on the front has come down, revealing a rebuilt facade and towers. The famous murals of Eugene Delacroix have been renovated using a protocol developed by an American professor, Richard Wolbers of the University of Delaware.

We wanted to hear the service and the postlude of Daniel Roth. The parish choir sang some parts under the direction of the cantor. The Pentecost sermon dwelt on the message of internationalism and solidarity, especially for the English in the wake of the recent terrorist attack there. The priest and the cantor both spoke in English briefly. The organ  music included a verset by Roth on Amazing Grace.  We took no pictures during the service, although it was not forbidden. We returned a couple of days later to look at the murals (linked above) and other works inside. The nave and the organ are shown below.

We walked back to the apartment. We still had few provisions, so we went in search of lunch. We had lamb at Le Bistro Maell et Augustin, just up the street at 39 Avenue Duquesne, with a little Côte de Rhone à la ficelle. IMG_3007

During the meal we got a call from Lufthansa. We understood that our bags would be delivered between 6 and 8! We ordered coffee and hot chocolate to celebrate. Our bill came to 80 euros. This turns out to be a well-reviewed establishment, by the way. For dinner one would need a reservation, especially for a sidewalk table. We chose to eat inside in the shade, with the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows open. Many fewer people smoke than in the past, so the atmosphere was fine.

We got some groceries and Sharon cooked dinner in the apartment. The Lufthansa van arrived at the appointed hour, but only one of our bags was in the van! It never occurred to us that our bags might be separated so much that they would not be on the same flight from Frankfurt. Still, we were in good shape for necessities. Always pack a change of underwear in your carryon!



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