I Meet Michel Houellebecq, Learn a Story about Putin and François Hollande, Dine at Florimond, and Do Not Dine at Bustronome



The book collection in the apartment where we stay has always been of interest. This time I picked up Michel Houllebecq’s La Carte et Le Territoire, winner of the 2010 Prix Goncourt. The same author later published a book imagining France as an Islamic state in the future, coincidentally on the day of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

We went for a walk on the Rue Cler, where Sharon bought some cheese. Not many stores were open, because it is a holiday. Then we walked down to the river and headed back when we noticed a new church. It was a Russian Orthodox with a silver and white color scheme with three onion domes. It was just built last year. Our agent, Franz, told us more about it: it had been a favorite project of Putin! He was invited to the dedication, but François Hollande announced that he would not meet Putin on the occasion. So he did not come…until Macron took over!

We went back to the apartment for a salad and omelette with Rocamadour and Buchons de Sancerre- a winecork-shaped goat cheese, very good.

We spent the afternoon at the apartment, and about 4 we got a call that the second bag would be delivered between 5 and 6. It will be a relief to have our stuff back!

We have a reservation for 7:30 at Florimond, one of our favorite restaurants in Paris. It is nice not to be forced to change it.

Finally got the call: “My driver will be there in two minutes” and shortly we had the rest of our stuff. What is interesting is that we did not have a French phone and the driver was not sure to be able to call my Iphone! So he had his boss make the call.

Pascal, the chef, and Laurent, the maitre-d’ at Florimond

We had a nice meal at Florimond,  a small but popular place at 19 Ave de la Motte-Piquet, a short walk from our apartment. I have learned to make a dinner reservation there before leaving the USA. People who just show up in the evening are usually turned away. We had a cold vegetable soup for starters. Sharon had turbot and I had cod. A bottle of Sancerre and a three-tiered millefoile we split between us. The place is popular with Americans. There was a big group from Georgia that was on a tour. We learned this from a couple of girls who were taking a break outside the restaurant as we were leaving.

luxury dining tour in Paris, Bustronome
The Bustronome

On the way home crossing Avenue de Tourville we saw an enormous bus marked BUSTRONOME. People were dining on the top. The website shows lunch, tea, and dinner tours starting near the Arc de Triomph. The idea is to have a great meal while seeing the great sites in Paris. For example you can have a 4 course lunch for 65 euros while viewing the sights through the glass roof. The bus is supposedly stable so diners are not affected by imperfections of the road.










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