A Rainy Day in Paris

wet street, Paris
Photo by Brad Fickeisen, unsplash.com

The morning showed streets shiny from an overnight rain. People were wearing jackets or carrying umbrellas. It was 57°F. Our plan was to stay home until it was time to go to the Opera, for which we had a voucher purchased online. It was June 6, the 73rd anniversary of the invasion of Normandy by the Allies. The weather was bad that day.

Parissimo Apartment, official photo from website. Click for more views


In the afternoon our agent, Franz, came to the apartment. Dressed in red trousers and sporting a long scarf, he explained that he had been by motorcycle to a special electricity shop to get replacement light bulbs. All the while we talked about a variety of subjects. His English is excellent and he is quite knowledgeable about both France and the USA. He explained the tortuous path to completion of the Russian Orthodox church near the Eiffel tower. The first designs, submitted while Sarkozy was President, were rejected by city officials, and after the revised plans were carried out Hollande refused to meet Putin, who wanted to dedicate the church. So Putin put off coming until after the election of Macron. Franz also told us that the owner of the apartment fell last year at his summer residence, and has not recovered well enough to come back. We later learned that the apartment will not be sold, and so it is possible we will be able to rent it again next year.

 Franz told us about a must-see: the Vuitton Foundation in the Bois de Boulogne. He explained that there is a shuttle service near l’Étoile. Our visit there is described in another post.

We took the Metro 8 line to Bastille around 5:00 and found shelter from the rain in Les Associés. a pizza brasserie right across from the opera house. We had a decent meal of salmon, legumes and rice and a pichet of Sancerre for 52 euros.

Les Associes, Bastille
Our table was about this vantage point

In the opera house we exchanged our voucher for tickets. We were in the orchestra just right of center, excellent seats. The supertitles were in English and French, very well-timed and legible. The opera was Eugene Onegin, with Nicole Car as Tatiana and Peter Mattei as Onegin. The staging was abstract and in the final ball scene everyone wore black and nobody danced.

Eugene Onegin, Opera Bastille
Ball Scene, from website. Click to go to website

But the singing was beautiful and the orchestra did a great job. There were many curtain calls. The opera house is very modern. Here is a view of the drinks area during intermission:

Opera Bastille
Intermission at the Opera Bastille


We went back on the metro.




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