From the Lorenz Church to a Hair-raising Taxi Ride to Frankfurt

Today we wanted to see a bit more of Nuremberg’s old town, and then fly to Paris via Frankfurt. Some of this worked out as planned…

After a decent breakfast at the hotel, we set out on foot for the old town. Along the way we passed the Café and Bar Celona once more.

Bar Celona
We had a drink here the day before

We went to the church of St Lorenz, known for its great religious art.

donated art, interior
Lorenz Church, Nuremberg

Click on the picture for the Wiki article on this Lutheran church dedicated to St. Lawrence. It is filled with precious art. Some of my favorites:

last supper diorama, Nuremberg
Last Supper Diorama
smiling angel, Nuremberg, Lorenz church
Smiling Angel
birch trees, Pentecost, Nuremberg
It was Pentecost and the churches were decorated with birch trees

We returned to the Dürer area, where we saw this funny business sign:

Bohne und Kleid
Bohne und Kleid means seeds and dresses

The Bar Celona and Bohne & Kleid. OK.

We had sauerbraten, dumplings and beer at Bräu Stübel Hutt’n, on Burgstraße near the Dürer house.

A very authentic place. The food was reminiscent of our meals on our 2013 opera trip to Germany.

We retrieved our luggage and waited in the hotel for our taxi, which the Azimut desk clerk called after some confusion. We got to the airport only to find our flight to Frankfurt had been cancelled. The nice lady at the Lufthansa First Class desk looked at our passports and said “You are going to Frankfurt by taxi.” She gave us a voucher and assured us that the taxi drivers would be very glad to take us.

What a ride, passing 160 km/hr! We arrived earlier than our plane had been scheduled to get there.

We learned the Frankfurt airport had been closed for an hour and lots of flights rescheduled. The check-in clerk told us there had been a lightning strike earlier and the baggage handling system had been knocked out. A feeling of dismay settled in as we watched our bags disappear behind the curtain. We got on our plane about an hour late. We arrived about 10:20, but no luggage. We filled out a form at the reclamation area and took a taxi to 36 Blvd La Tour Maubourg, Le Café Recrutement, where our agent, Anèmone de Bretteville had left the key. We got into the apartment and so to bed about midnight. Fortunately, we had all our essentials in our carry-on bags.

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