A Day in Nuremberg

Our cruise was over this morning! We found it a totally luxurious experience. The Viking people are very professional and friendly, and the food, housekeeping, and touring arrangements were excellent. We were totally spoiled.

We had four big objectives for today: to see the clock animation in the Hauptmarkt, the German National Museum, and the Dürer House, and to dine at the Albrecht Dürer Stube.

Viking summoned a cab for us, and we arrived at the Azimut hotel on Pirckheimer Strasße around 11:30. This is not a luxury hotel, but it has a small bar and restaurant (breakfast included with the room) and is conveniently located about a twenty minute walk from Nuremberg Castle.

We left the (very large) room almost immediately and made it down to the Hauptmarkt to see the Frauenkirche Männleinlaufen clock display which we got on video. The clock strikes twelve, and a while later a two tone clanging begins and the animation starts. Trumpeters and drummers are followed by the electors, who pass in review several times in front of the emperor. This display was built to celebrate the Golden Bull of 1356, which set up the constitution of the Holy Roman Empire for several hundred years.

On the way back to the hotel we got some sausages and beer at Behringer’s Bratwursthausle, along Schulgaßchen. This is a dish we learned about earlier during our cruise: several small spicy sausages, some bread or pretzels, and a glass of local beer.


We then walked up to see the Durer museum. The museum was the artist’s home, occupying several floors, furnished similarly to what is shown below (from the museum website).


We reserved dinner in person at the Albrecht Dürer Stube for 6:00. Then we crossed the river  to visit the German National Museum. The entrance is brand new, with a large open hall hosting the kiosk, and on a lower level, rest rooms, some lockers for personal belongings and a restaurant. We concentrated on the middle ages through the Renaissance. We saw many paintings, sculptures, globes, maps and an unusual collection of scientific instruments. It was outstanding but we could not take pictures. Click on the links to find out more about the exhibits.

Despite our having visited the castle the day before, and having managed to get downtown in the first place, we got lost on our way back to the hotel. We even asked a young couple for directions; but we finally used Imaps.  We had to reschedule our dinner reservation to 7:00.

At the Albrecht Dürer Stube we had an excellent dinner for 50 euros: Sharon had pork medallions, potato pancakes and white asparagus, while I had the house specialty, pork shoulder. Mine came with a dumpling and red cabbage. We had some riesling and a dessert sampler. Starting out as a bar in 1811, the building has been owned by a single family since 1951. There are people who think it is the best restaurant in Nuremberg. We certainly enjoyed it, but we took no pictures, so you need to visit the website to see what it looks like.

So, we managed to achieve our objectives on a very busy day!



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