Along the Danube to The Walhalla Memorial

In this post I just want to convey something of what it was like to be on the ship.

After leaving Passau, we passed through Vilshofen and caught a glimpse of a crew on the river.

We saw a crew on the river
Undeniably blue, at least in this picture!

Every meal on board was a treat. Here is a dessert for you…


Near Donaustauf
Just being on the ship gives such lovely views of the country.

Germany is using solar power in a big way.
As we cruised along, I could scarcely believe my eyes when a Greek temple appeared on the starboard shore:

The Temple of Walhalla
This is the Walhalla Memorial, completed by King Ludwig I in 1842 to honor historic Germanic heroes as the German-speaking states were unifying to form the modern nation. The completion of this process late in the 19th century altered the balance of power in Europe. Busts or plaques commissioned by Ludwig as early as 1807 are housed here, and include Arminius, victor in 9 A.D. of the battle of Teutoborg Forest, and Nicolaus Copernicus, as well as Bede, an English monk and scholar. The American general, George Patton, led his troops across the Danube here. Perhaps a reader will be able to explain why Ludwig chose to put this memorial here, near Regensburg, our next port of call.



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