A Tour of Regensburg

The tour of Regensburg was led by Margit, a local guide with a personalized itinerary that led us past numerous sites of either historical or culinary interest, finishing in front of the Gothic St Peter’s church.

St Peter's Church Regensburg
St Peter’s Church, Modeled on Notre Dame, but with towers added

Peter is seen in a boat under the cross but well above the entry portal (scroll down when external web page is loaded).

The church is under renovation, much as was the model for its construction, Notre Dame at Paris. The biggest difference is the two ornate Gothic spires that were added in the 19th century. I saw an old picture of this church in a store window, without the spires.

St Peter's Church, Regensburg
Picture of St Peter’s Church before spires were built


Biergarten, Regensburg

Other notable features of the tour were this colorful Biergarten, and numerous towers, constructed as parts of private residences of the patricians.

towers of Regensburg
The wealthy added towers to their houses to advertise their prosperity and importance.

There is an old stone bridge over the Danube here. A building on the Regensburg side houses a museum.


Downstream of the stone bridge, the oldest in Europe, are whirlpools, called Strudeln by the locals. These are created by the almond-shaped islands on which the pedestals rest. Margit said they were dangerous for anyone unlucky enough to be in the water. Click on this link to see them in action.

That evening we had a special meal on board, featuring local cuisine. The staff dressed up in traditional costumes.

Staff dressed up in local costume
The Ship’s Staff Dressed Up in Traditional Costume

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