Along the Wachau Valley

Our ship was named the Tor, and it seems the custom for each Viking ship to have a symbolic painting at the head of the stairs leading up from the main deck, where the concierge desk is located.


Perhaps some readers will care to comment on just what style this is!

After the visit to Göttweig we returned to the ship for lunch and continued cruising upriver. The weather continued sunny and warm, but not too humid. A great day for simple sightseeing.

small towns along the Danube
Weißenkirchen, lower Austria

Danube, pleasure cruise, balooning
Ballooning Along the Danube

Passing Through A Lock
Gabcikovo Lock
This is the Gabcikovo lock, separating water levels by 18 meters (59 feet). It can hold several long ships at once. It is part of a hydroelectric project that contributes a significant amount of power to Slovakia. Our ship was sidling up to the Aurelia, to port. We learned a lot about the ship from the crew. They really wanted us to know something about the engineering. The boat moves by pushing jets of water in various directions. The “wheelhouse”, to the right, is retractable for getting under low structures. There is no wheel as such, just some joysticks on a control panel. There are two smaller command stations, on either side, close to the rail, with similar controls, used by the pilot while entering narrow passageways or while docking. There are six aboard who can pilot the boat, including the captain, three officers and two crew members. Later in the cruise the upper deck had to be closed to passengers because the headroom was insufficient. As passengers, we felt changes in motion only while the ship was navigating through locks, or docking. Otherwise, without looking, you would not know you were on a ship. The boat was very quiet at night. We never heard any noise from our neighbors.


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