Time to Get the Ball Rolling

This is the text of a letter I sent to my Republican congressman, John Faso:

“You are old enough to remember the Watergate affair. After six long years Nixon’s criminality was catching up to him in 1974. In the famous words of Howard Baker, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” By August Nixon had resigned under the certainty of impeachment and conviction for a cover-up of the role of his Administration in the burglary of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

We are getting the answer for Trump after only a few weeks! He knew about Flynn’s inappropriate and possibly criminal conversations with the Russian ambassador and kept it to himself and a few aides. He did not relieve Flynn of duty as he should have done immediately. He did not mention the matter to his Vice President. He chose to go ahead with this appointee, probably for political reasons. He knew probably that it would be embarrassing. When the information got out, he was forced to act. True to form he just ignored the culpability of his own behavior.

For sure! But the parallels with Nixon are startling, complete down to the illicit attempt to expose the secrets of the opposition party.

Life would be better for all of us with Pence as President. It is already time to get the ball rolling.”

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