On the Nazi Track

Dear President Trump:

I was taught at home to treat everyone equally. So even as a child I had friends who were of all colors, religions, and economic backgrounds. My parents taught me to treat everybody the same as far as that goes. But they also taught me to avoid doing bad things, such as bullying other children. I suspect most people all over the world got the same instruction from their parents.

So when I learned about history, I naturally thought that the Nazis were way off base with their treatment of Jews and handicapped people, people of other nationalities and races than their own. They attacked Jews as criminals, and invited citizens to send in stories of bad things done by Jews. Later on of course they actually murdered millions of Jews, foreigners, and handicapped people.

Therefore, when you announced your campaign for President, and denounced Mexicans as murderers and rapists, I figured you were working from the Nazi playbook. I still think this, since in one of your executive orders you have called on citizens to send in examples of bad behavior by groups that are targeted by these executive orders.

Words matter, but actions matter too. You are heading down the Nazi track, only with slightly different target groups. Shame.

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