Inauguration Speech

I had low expectations for this speech, but it was worse than I expected. Full of nonsense. The idea that people in Nebraska see the same sky as people in Detroit shows that the man has never looked up at night in either place. His vision of the country is the darkest I have heard from any President. He talks of bringing jobs back to this country, but he clearly has no comprehension of economics. We are below 5% unemployment. It does not get better than that. Twenty million people stand to lose their health insurance under Trump and the Republicans. Not a single word about this issue appeared in his speech.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration Speech”

  1. Thanks, Harry, for saving me the trouble of watching this on TV, which I couldn’t stand anyway. Not a surprise – any of what you say; anything of what he said.

    Love, Fran >

  2. Thanks for your comment. We recorded it to fast forward through some parts of the proceedings. I am afraid we are in for a lot of bombastic nonsense coupled with a really malevolent set of right wing policies…I wonder how long it will take for his voters to get wise to the con….

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