I’m for Hillary

For a while now I have been supporting Hillary with a monthly donation. I began that when she was sky-high in the polls, and despite the addition of Bernie Sanders to the competition, I have kept doing so, and have not sent money to other candidates for President.

Hillary has taken a beating from Republicans and the Press, which is nothing new. They have been tough on her for a long time. I do not care to go into theories about why this is the case. I never got the Republicans’ virulent hatred of Bill, much less the facile transfer of this to Hillary. The controversies about Benghazi and the email server are just the latest expressions of this, without any real importance in comparison to the policy issues relevant to governing the country.

But I do have my reasons for supporting Hillary over Bernie, and of course for supporting either over any Republican.

Hillary is serious. She is very bright and she works hard. The policies she advocates are good for America. Hillary has a depth of experience of the executive branch of the federal government that is unrivaled by any other candidate.

There is a tremendous amount at stake in the coming election. A Republican in the White House would be a complete disaster for anyone who believes in a sane foreign policy and a decent way of life for all citizens. The Republicans would slash Social Security, health care, scientific research, and efforts to combat climate change, all in order to cut taxes that would disproportionately benefit their wealthy supporters. They would squander money and lives on further military adventures in the Middle East and maybe even Eastern Europe. Some of them would begin a campaign to demonize and expel undocumented immigrants rather than find a pathway for their assimilation. The prospect of Republicans running the government is truly appalling.

I would support any Democrat who got the nomination to defeat the Republicans. But I don’t think Bernie Sanders, as an avowed and admitted socialist, has the remotest chance of winning the election should he get the nomination.

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