Boehner Wrong Again, This Time on Foreign Policy

John Boehner writes on CNN that in Afghanistan we need to avoid the mistakes we made in Iraq. This was an intriguing statement. I thought we made all the mistakes in Afghanistan that we made in Iraq already! What is the deal? Well, Boehner thinks that we got out of Iraq “too soon” and that the Obama administration needs to talk less about getting out of Afghanistan and more about accomplishing our mission there. Again, my cognitive dissonance detector went off. Isn’t Osama Bin Laden dead after all?

Everything is explained when you realize that despite all his talk about bipartisanship on Afghanistan, Boehner is seeking to reclaim the old Republican position of being the reliable party on foreign affairs. A tough sell considering the record of misery brought on by Bush’s adventurism.

Saddam and Bin Laden are dead. I say, finally, mission accomplished. The USA has more important things to do than try to pacify these two troubled countries.

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