Teach students truth about life

The Associated Press item on the Faith and Values page “Evolution debate draws full house at museum,” Feb. 8, covered in three uncritical paragraphs the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham and left the last word to the creationist Mr. Ham.
That Mr. Nye “the Science Guy” could fill an auditorium at the Creation Museum is hardly surprising. What is more interesting is that Christians were disappointed in Mr. Ham. The Rev. Alan Rudnick, a blogger on timesunion.com, faulted Mr. Ham for doing a bad job.
The results of debates like this do not matter much. All of us rely on the results of evolutionary research, for example, when we take our annual flu shots, or when we wisely refrain from asking for antibiotics to treat a viral infection, or when we eat one of the many products derived from corn. To insist that teachers tell public school children that all this is based on an illusion is to advocate lying to them at government expense. To the contrary, we need to teach them about humanities, history, mathematics, and science, as they really are.

This appeared in the Albany Times Union, February 17.

2 thoughts on “Teach students truth about life”

  1. Well said. I find it hard to comprehend how people hold to any version of creationism. And the subjects you mention — to which I would add civics (which you’ve likely included in humanities, now that I think of it — are sorely needed. Whether via a late-night TV “person on the street” question or some of the ever-present “quizzes” on Facebook, we see an alarming amount of a basic lack of knowledge for being a national or world citizen.

  2. A lot of people think Nye made a mistake in agreeing to do the debate. It raised money for the creationists and gave them apparent legitimacy. But it was widely recognized that Ham did a bad job.

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