Poll on ACA

Like a lot of people, I was sorry to see the messed up inauguration of HealthCare.gov, the federal health insurance website. Normally, heads would roll as a consequence of such a debacle in industry, but little along those lines has occurred. Instead, and sensibly enough, the decision was made to fix it ASAP.

Another disappointment to me was to read repeatedly in the press that the American people disapprove of the ACA. So it was interesting and a bit of a relief to read about a poll that looked into the reasons behind this disapproval, and found that a considerable number of those who disapprove do so because they think the ACA is not liberal enough. In fact, if you combine those who approve with those who think it is not liberal enough, it comes out to a hefty majority of 54% who favor universal health insurance.

In my opinion, as the number of people enrolled under ACA continues to mount, the movement on the right to repeal it will become untenable. When it gets to the point that millions of people would lose insurance because of the repeal of ACA, it will be game over.

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