Contrite Obama? Give me a break.

I read the headlines today about Obama being contrite during his press conference today. I read it differently. He made a perfectly reasonable proposal. I am not sure whether anybody needs to sign off on this, but it seems to me reasonable that if a person wants to keep the junk insurance they had for yet another year, it will be permitted.

But the overwhelming impression I had from what the man actually said was that he would be willing to work with anybody to actually improve the administration of the law.

The goal to insure millions of Americans who are currently in danger of having all their savings and property sacrificed to medical bills seems to me so far outweighs other concerns about individual liberty (to live on the edge of disaster?) that it is almost ludicrous. The Republicans, who have sought not only to prevent this legislation, but to repeal it, or failing that, to sabotage its implementation, deserve a long sojourn in the private sector.

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