Refusal to Pay for a Common Good

Charles Krauthammer in his column (“Obamacare nothing but subterfuge,” Nov. 5) criticizes the president for claiming that everybody who wanted to keep existing health care policies could do so, and for being paternalistic in insisting that all policies cover certain basic procedures.

These are not novel conservative talking points, and it is also unsurprising that Mr. Krauthammer does not even mention the social goal of the Affordable Care Act, which is to extend access to health care to millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans. He knows that it is impolitic to be against that so he keeps quiet about it.

Perhaps Mr. Krauthammer thinks the old model of fee-for-service medicine offers a solution. But if private enterprise could solve the problems of our health care system, it would have done so by now.

Our country is decades behind the rest of the civilized world in recognizing that health care is a right and not a privilege.

Mr. Krauthammer decries the fact that people are forced to pay for services they are unlikely to ever use, just so the costs are reasonable for those who are likely to use them.

This reflects the inherent egoism of the conservative position: The refusal to pay for a social good.

These are the same people who fought against Social Security and Medicare.

Theirs is a fundamentally flawed attitude, which does not bear close scrutiny, which is why Mr. Krauthammer and his conservative friends seek to conceal it.

2 thoughts on “Refusal to Pay for a Common Good”

  1. Bravo! Eloquently put. The Tea Party and their friends are like schoolyard bullies – with the self-centeredness of not-very-bright 9-year-olds. Now if we could just take them from the seats of power….

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