Denialist Debunked

A particularly insidious phenomenon today is the one-issue website with a political agenda. Such is the International Climate Science Coalition. This is the charge of Tom Harris, a mechanical engineer and global-warming skeptic. A letter from Mr. Harris ("Learn to adapt to climate change," Nov. 20) quoted from a recent report of the United Nations Intergovernmental… Continue reading Denialist Debunked

Refusal to Pay for a Common Good

Charles Krauthammer in his column ("Obamacare nothing but subterfuge," Nov. 5) criticizes the president for claiming that everybody who wanted to keep existing health care policies could do so, and for being paternalistic in insisting that all policies cover certain basic procedures. These are not novel conservative talking points, and it is also unsurprising that Mr. Krauthammer does not… Continue reading Refusal to Pay for a Common Good