What Does Progress Look Like?

Progress means an improvement of society. A desire for progress means that one is not satisfied with the current state of affairs. What is that? Well, the chief executive officers of corporations currently are paid about 400 times what the average employee of their businesses is paid. Most people who pay income taxes pay a higher rate than those who are living off investment income, which is taxed at only 15%. Progress would narrow these discrepancies. Progress is to provide health insurance for upwards of 30 million people in this country, as specified in Obamacare. Progress includes eliminating the incentives for moving jobs to foreign countries and for parking funds in secret foreign accounts. Progress consists of eliminating the violation of the principle of separation of church and state, in which federal funds are given to religious organizations. Progress includes stopping the charter schools movement, which is sucking money out of the public school system without any measurable improvement in student achievement. Progress includes educating the public about science, about equitable treatment of minorities, about rational decision making in the public (and the private) domain, and about refraining from imposing private religious morality on the public. Progress, in other words, is common sense.

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