A Win for the People

I am a happy camper today. President Obama has been re-elected. He gave credit to a lot of people who worked hard on the campaign. The victory was the result of a well-planned effort to raise funds for advertising and for organizing. I found that after contributing a bit I got the chance to have my own fundraising page and try to get others to give money as well. And when the time came to stop sending money, there was another opportunity to make calls to help get out the vote in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. That sense of participation in the campaign was so much more satsifying than just sending a check and voting. It is an experience I would recommend to anyone. As a resident in a non-battleground state, New York, I really welcomed the chance to spread the message to others in places where, in our system, it really matters.

I watched an interview on CNN today, with Mary Matalin, the conservative commentator. She said she was proud of Romney and she criticized the Obama campaign as being full of deceit and distortion. I was incredulous. The Romney campaign was entirely founded on lies (see one of my earlier blogs), and Romney wound up skidding away from everything he said to get the nomination when it came time to appeal to undecided voters. He got more than Obama did of these people, according to exit polls. The one thing I will grant to Romney is that he gave a decent concession speech. Other than that, his campaign was an avalanche of mendacity from beginning to end. That half the electorate – or nearly so – chose him defies any sense of reality as far as I can tell. We live in a truly deluded society, where people will vote against their own economic interests if somebody pulls the right levers of hate, religious bias and racial prejudice.

So I congratulate President Obama on a consistent, smart, and aggressive campaign. The country will be the better for it. Obamacare will now go into effect. The economy will recover. And, hopefully, the Republican Party will enter a period of soul-searching that will lead to a less bigoted, ignorant, and wrong-headed approach to government.

3 thoughts on “A Win for the People”

  1. Right on in the description of events. I really liked the reference to volunteering beyond sending money, although that is important. To volunteer, really makes one feel a part of something larger and to really participate to gain and end result which one desires from their participation. I felt Romney, although a nicely worded speech, maybe have been insincere and said what he did in his concession only because he had to.

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