Vote for Romney if You Want Your Tax Bill to Go Up

According to an analysis of the Tax Policy Center, a non- partisan organization, Mitt Romney’s tax plan would cut taxes for those earning more than $200,000 per year, while raising them for everyone else. Surely not the message he would like us to hear.

Now that he has picked as his running mate Paul Ryan, the author of the Republican-approved House Budget proposal, he is doubling down on endorsing the privatization of Medicare as well. Benefits people have already begun to pay for will be taken away in order to support tax cuts for the rich.

I used to say that nobody who makes less than half a million dollars a year has any business voting Republican. But, at $200,000, the cutoff is lower – still basically limited to an extremely small minority.

How do Republicans hope to win? First take advantage of the fact that Obama’s father was a foreigner and a black (appeal to racist sentiment and xenophobia). Second call the opposition socialists (appeal to ignorance of the meaning of this term). Third claim that Obama is not a native citizen (appeal to ignorance and xenophobia). Fourth, appeal to militarism. (The last is really outrageous given the gratuitous war started by Bush and ended by Obama). Fifth, blame Obama for the lingering worldwide economic crisis that was caused by George Bush and his allies. Sixth, call Obama’s approach “foreign” or “European.” Seventh, disenfranchise the poor and elderly by enacting voter ID laws ostensibly to prevent voter fraud.

All of their hopes rest on lies.

Romney is 7 to 10 points behind in polls. But Republicans have been playing this game for a while now, and they are wildly outspending Democrats.

It is time for Americans to step up and support the Democrats.

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