Science vs Religion – An Update for Students

A Debate that Is Heating Up Although American biologists have fought hard against being required to teach creationism in primary and secondary school, they often voluntarily do so at the university level. Introductory college texts and even specialized textbooks of evolution typically devote several pages to creationism. One reason is that students may find their… Continue reading Science vs Religion – An Update for Students

Why America is More Religious than Europe

My correlation of data on human development index vs religiosity in the USA might be explained differently than by the security hypothesis. For example, founding populations were in many cases religious refugees seeking to escape persecution from governments  with established religions. Still, the security hypothesis to explain the correlation seemed pretty persuasive to me. I… Continue reading Why America is More Religious than Europe

Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry

Recently I have taken an interest in neighboring Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren is campaigning to take back the seat Edward Kennedy held in the Senate. For some reason the fact that she claimed minority status because of partial Native American ancestry has come out. Ancestry itself is pretty tenuous as a link between generations. We… Continue reading Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry