Right Wing Hysteria

During the Republican presidential debate February 22 John King asked a question about birth control for all the candidates to consider. Newt Gingrich gave a short answer then attacked the press for not asking why Barack Obama voted for infanticide when he was a State Senator in Illinois. (He claimed this was to prevent prosecution of doctors who destroy a fetus that survives an abortion procedure).

It turns out that reporters addressed this during the 2008 campaign and found that the claim was without foundation. Illinois law at that time already required doctors to act to save the life of a fetus that survived a botched abortion, if it was viable. The language of the proposed law was inconsistent with the Roe v Wade decision, and this is why Obama voted against it. Obama has said that he would have supported federal legislation that would have required doctors to save the life of a viable fetus that survived an abortion provided that legislation contained language that was consistent with Roe v. Wade.

In essence, Obama said that he would not support an attempt by the Illinois legislature to nullify Roe v Wade at the state level.

A full article on this was found at CNN.

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