Fox Propaganda

Not long ago I went to my car dealer to have my vehicle repaired. There is a little waiting area with seats, magazines, and a TV monitor that was quietly playing an afternoon quiz show or some innocuous program. I sat down and began to read. At first nobody else was there. But soon a man came up to me and asked if it was OK with me if he changed the channel on the TV.

“As long as it is not Fox News” I said.

“But it is Fox News! Why don’t you want to watch that?”

“Because it is all conservative propaganda.”

“Well, I am a conservative. Nothing wrong with supporting God and Country.”

“You can’t get away with that, not anymore. The Democrats have a very good record on military affairs these days. Obama supports the troops; Obama took care of Bin Laden, and is close to eliminating Al Quaida…Fox News is full of incorrect ideas. If you want to watch news, go to CNN. At least they try to be objective.”

Not taking my advice, the man sat down, but not without blustering a bit with obscure criticisms of Obama. I told him I just came to have my car serviced, not to have a political discussion.

A little later this month I visited a branch of my bank that was likewise equipped with a TV playing…Fox News, mercifully with the sound turned off. I’ve noticed this elsewhere too, in a waiting room at a hospital.

Many others besides myself think that Fox News favors right-wing policies in the US. (See examples in a long Wikipedia article here). How Fox obtained a broadcast license is another story. Certainly one can choose to watch Fox News at home. But I object to foisting conservative propaganda on people while they are just going about their business. It is the right-wing version of Big Brother.

4 thoughts on “Fox Propaganda”

  1. What is happening to our country? I think we produced a few generations of very uneducated people. I follow a few forums (not right wing) and I can’t believe how Fox News, Rush and a few others have MILLIONS of Americans brainwashed into a totally false sense of reality. I go as far as to say “Fox News” and the right wing media of this era will be defined in history as the American Dark Ages.

    1. Objectivity in the press is probably a myth. There have always been newspapers that were biased to one side or another of the political debate in this country. I think that for a while television networks were obliged to be politically neutral, because there were so few of them and they were using the public air channels. With cable and its almost limitless number of channels, the rules changed and it became possible for something like Fox News to develop. Radio also uses public airwaves, but there are so many radio frequencies that they can depart from objectivity as well. Unfortunately only the right wing has taken advantage of this. I do not know the reason, but I suspect that people on the left are just not interested in listening to angry rants. In reaction to Fox, MSNBC has dropped objectivity, but on the left. As I said, I recommend CNN for public consumption as the closest to objectivity in cable TV news- in the USA. Actually to get a hint of balance it is probably a good idea to look at media from other countries, like France or Britain. But you are right about brainwashing. I saw a comment at the Washington Post, by a right winger that lumped together MSNBC and CNN as both being on the left!

  2. I totally agree with Fox being biased in news reporting. AT least CNN tries to stay balanced in the presentation of facts.

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